Geo Coin Purse (Cross body * Vegan friendly)
HDGC Designs

Geo Coin Purse (Cross body * Vegan friendly)

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Geometric print fabric to front and back. Gold foil lettering to the front: ‘She has mad hustle and a door soul’. Adjustable strap. Beige and white cotton fabric to inside with open faux leather pocket. Lightly padded. 

Bag measures: 25cm x 16cm.

Photo location: Somerset Dam, Qld.

(Coin purse sold separately)

Being a handmade item, each bag in the HDGC Designs Collection has been uniquely designed and made with no two bags being the same. Often One of a kind fabrics and sometimes recycled fabrics have been used in either the outside construction or inside lining so when purchasing more then one item you may find differences in similar looking items.