The Currawong (Cross Body * Vegan friendly )
The Currawong (Cross Body * Vegan friendly )
HDGC Designs

The Currawong (Cross Body * Vegan friendly )

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This one of a kind creation was inspired by the Australian outback and the Flora and fauna that inhabit it. Step out in style with a uniquely designed cross body bag that’s sure to draw plenty of attention.  

Slimline black nylon zipper with black metal pull. Cotton beige and white fabric to the inside. 


Faux Leather PVC:  Black 

Bag: Currawong print fabric 

Size: 16cm x 20cm 

This crossbody bag has been crafted using a mix of pre-fabricated pieces and handmade (by HDGC Designs) pieces. The materials used in the construction of this bag have been sourced from both local and international suppliers.

Being a handmade item, each bag in the HDGC Designs Collection has been uniquely designed and made with no two bags being the same. Often One of a kind fabrics and sometimes recycled fabrics have been used in either the outside construction or inside lining so when purchasing more then one item you may find differences in similar looking items.